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Gardening Offers And Deals From Telegraph Garden Shop

Elegant and alluring hydrangeas Buy the collection of three (one of each) for £24 (save £23) Hydrangeas are a must to grow in your garden. These mesmerising blooms transform your borders and containers into a vibrant, enchanting haven. Picture lush, resplendent clusters of flowers adorning your garden in shades of azure, blush and alabaster.

Hydrangeas are also very easy to care for, flourishing in diverse soil types and dappled shade. They add a touch of elegance and allure, dramatically enhancing your garden’s appeal. Additionally, these flowers are ideal for creating stunning floral arrangements to bring a touch of your garden’s splendour indoors.

Their prolonged blooming season ensures you will enjoy their exquisite flowers for months, while their ethereal beauty will bring a profound sense of serenity and joy to your day.

Hydrangea serrata ‘Koreana’ Lacy blooms in striking shades of pink or blue (depending on the pH value of your soil) appear from May to August among a backdrop of attractive foliage that turns to shades of red in autumn. This compact variety is perfect for planting in containers or at the front of a border. Winner of a prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit for its outstanding garden performance.

Colour: Pink / blueSeason: SummerHeight: 0.9m. Spread 0.9m. Shop serrata Koreana online

Hydrangea paniculata ‘Harry’ This compact, deciduous shrub is known for its early blooming season. It produces large, rounded clusters of flowers that start pale green and mature to a vibrant white and sit atop ruby-red stems. Ideal for borders and containers, it thrives in partial shade and well-drained, moist soil, and is a versatile addition to any garden.

Colour: WhiteSeason: Summer / AutumnHeight: 0.7m. Spread 0.7m. A popular flowering shrub, this variety is known for its large, cone-shaped clusters of greenish-white flowers that turn pink in autumn. Thriving in full sun or partial shade, this plant’s sturdy stems support blooms that last well into autumn, making it a favourite in show gardens.

Colour: GreenSeason: Summer / AutumnHeight: 2m. Spread: 2m. Shop Saururus cernuusa online

How to buy Buy ‘Koreana’ for £16, ‘Early Harry’ for £17 and ‘Limelight ‘for £14 or buy the collection of three (one of each) for £24, saving £23. P&P £4.95. Supplied as 9cm pots, delivery in seven days.

Order at at or call 0333 772 0325.

Contract for supply of goods is with Hayloft Plants Ltd. *Offers subject to availability.

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