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Duke Of Westminster Wedding: Prince William And Guests Witness Just Stop Oil Protest

7 June 2024 • 2:14pm


Just Stop Oil protesters lay in wait for five hours A group of friends who had gathered opposite Chester Cathedral to celebrate the Duke and Duchess of Westminster’s wedding were caught in the Just Stop Oil protesters’ crossfire when they unleashed two fire extinguishers into the crowd.

The two demonstrators had been calmly waiting for the right moment to strike, according to the shell-shocked women.

“She’s been here since half five this morning,” said Janet Evans, adding: “It was quite scary too because she gave it full force.”

Jo Finnigan, an art teacher local to Chester who was standing behind one of the protesters, added: “She knew what she was coming for and she was very determined.”

Explaining how the protester concealed the bright orange fire extinguishers, she said: “She had a trolley, like a pensioners trolley on wheels…there was no sign of anything at all.”

Victoria Walker, a Lloyds bank employee in Chester, said the bang had frightened all of them.

“We thought it might have been confetti poppers initially,” she added.

Ms Evans described the decision to protest at the wedding as “horrendous”, adding “it’s just sad” and that nobody agreed with them at all.

The sentiment was echoed throughout the crowd, who booed the women as they were led away by police.


Guests begin to filter away over ceremony The large crowds that had gathered to watch the Duke and Duchess tie the knot are beginning to filter away.

Two large coaches, along with several Mercedes vans, are taking guests to the Eaton Hall estate.

Some still eager to catch a glimpse of the last departing guests are standing on benches and railings with their phones in the air.


Pictured: Protester being led away by police One Just Stop Oil protesters is led away by police Credit: Just Stop Oil 1:51PM

Read: Full statement from Just Stop Oil after wedding disruption Weddings are a time of coming together in celebration to make a commitment to the future.

However, for countless millions around the world there is no future unless we come together to stop oil and gas. That’s why we are demanding that the next UK government work with other countries to phase out fossil fuels by 2030.

Also taking action today is Sheila, 69, from Bristol, who worked as an NHS nurse for 50 years.

She said: “What do we value most? The wealth of billionaires like the Duke of Westminster OR the lives of the billions who are being destroyed by the fossil fuel industry?

“Extreme wealth and the climate crisis are both symptoms of a broken system that is not serving most ordinary people.”

“I am asking my fellow citizens to peacefully, but determinedly, demand an emergency plan to stop the drilling and burning of oil, gas and coal by 2030.

“My grandchildren, all our children and all future generations’ lives are dependent on what we all do right now.”


Watch: Just Stop Oil create small commotion 1:39PM

Princess Eugenie leaves Chester Cathedral to head to private reception Princess Eugenie has emerged from the church and joined other guests who are travelling back to the Duke of Westminster’s Cheshire residence, Eaton Hall, for a private reception.

The Princess left the church alongside former Vogue editor Violet Henderson-Vestey Credit: Jamie Lorriman for The Telegraph 1:24PM

Prince of Wales witnesses Just Stop Oil commotion The protesters shouted “Just Stop Oil” as they set off the fire extinguishers opposite the cathedral to the shock of the wedding party and gathered crowds.

The small commotion was witnessed by the Prince of Wales, who was outside at that point with the rest of the bride and groom’s parties seeing the couple off.

However, the temporary disruption did nothing to detract from the sweet moment that the newlyweds shared after leaving the cathedral and crowds made sure to keep cheering to drown out any further booing of the protesters actions.

Just stop Oil have confirmed they are responsible for the small demonstration.

The newlywed couple turn to smile and wave at cheering crowds Credit: Jamie Lorriman for The Telegraph 1:15PM

Prince William exits church following ceremony Prince William gave a small wave to the crowds as he got back into the van along with the other ushers after the bride and groom had departed.

The Prince of Wales stood next to Rosie van Cutsem, wearing a long yellow dress.

The Prince stood outside of Chester Cathedral smiling and speaking with other guests Credit: Stephen Lock The Prince of Wales exited the church as one of the Duke of Westminster’s ushers Credit: Justin Goff 1:13PM

Just Stop Oil attempt to interrupt Duke and Duchess’s church kiss The new Duke and Duchess of Westminster were greeted outside Chester Cathedral after their wedding ceremony by hundreds of well-wishers giving them three cheers.

The newlyweds made their way outside while waving to the applauding crowds and they gave each other a short kiss.

Right as they walked to the Bentley, two Just Stop Oil protesters caused a small ruckus by letting off fire extinguishers with orange smoke.

The crowd booed the two women, who were quickly restrained and taken away by police.

The Duke and Duchess shared a brief kiss outside of the church Credit: Stephen Lock 12:48PM

Bride travels in vintage Bentley behind mother and sisters The bride arrived in a 1930 vintage Bentley with her father, Rupert.

Before she got out of the car, her mother Caroline went into the cathedral with Olivia’s sister, sister-in-law and three bridesmaids.

The bridesmaids are the Duke’s nieces, including Lady Tamara’s daughter and Lady Edwina’s two daughters.

Olivia Henson in a vintage Bentley on the way to her wedding Credit: Dave Benett 12:17PM

Bride struggles with train and veil in the wind On arrival, the bride struggled to contain the long train and veil as they were lifted in gusts of wind.

There was a brief struggle as the bridal party paused outside the cathedral, while efforts were made to hold down the layers of fabric.

Olivia Henson’s bridesmaids entered Chester Cathedral ahead of the bride with her mother.

The bride’s long dress and train were caught in the wind before she entered the church Credit: James Whatling Olivia Henson’s three young bridesmaids entered the cathedral ahead of her, accompanied by the bride’s mother Credit: Jamie Lorriman for The Telegraph 12:13PM

Crowds marvel at bride’s elegant dress Those lucky enough to have caught a glimpse of the bride have praised her elegance.

Marvelling at the dress, Jill Jones, 60, from Chester said: “The dress was beautiful, it was very simple, elegant stylish and not over the top.

“We loved the way the wind caught the veil. The wind was a lovely touch and came just at the one moment for her.”


Olivia Henson wears ivory gown by London-based designer with tiara The bride’s ivory silk crepe satin wedding dress and veil were designed by London-based designer Emma Victoria Payne.

They incorporated floral motifs and edgings from Ms Henson’s great great grandmother’s veil, worn circa 1880.

The wedding gown boasted a sleek silhouette with a bias cut skirt, pleated waistband, gathered sleeves, wide embroidered silk organza cuffs with a scalloped edge repeat motif and button detailing.

The back featured a dropped waist and a keyhole back with a detachable two-metre silk crepe satin train.

Her veil was designed using an original antique motif from Ms Henson’s family veil, reimagined to include scalloped edges and oval shapes to reflect the bride’s engagement ring.

It also featured the bride and groom’s initials and wedding date.

Miss Henson wore the Grosvenor family’s Faberge Myrtle Leaf Tiara, created in 1906.

Read more on the dress here.

Olivia Henson’s wedding look featured the Grosvenor family’s Faberge Myrtle Leaf Tiara Credit: Chris Jackson 12:07PM

Pictured: Bride smiles and waves to waiting crowds And here comes the bride!

The crowd erupted into applause and cheers as Ms Henson arrived at the Cathedral.

Olivia Henson turns and smiles before entering the church with her father Rupert Credit: Oli Scarff The bride turned to smile at the crowds before entering the church Credit: Jamie Lorriman 12:00PM

Bride arrives at church in vintage Bentley The bride has entered the church after arriving at Chester Cathedral in a vintage Bentley.

The bride waves at crowds outside the church Credit: Jamie Lorriman Onlooking crowds cheered as the black Bentley drove past Credit: Justin Goff 11:57AM

Pictured: Mother of the groom arrives at church in bright pink The Duke of Westminster’s mother, Natalia Grosvenor, has arrived for wedding in a beautiful magenta coat dress with a matching feathered headpiece.

She also carried a £1578 ‘C’est quoi l’amour’ clutch bag by handbag designer Olympia Le-Tan in tribute to her son’s big day.

Natalia Grosvenor, Duchess of Westminster arrives at the wedding Credit: Chris Jackson Natalia Grosvenor waves alongside Lady Edwina Grosvenor, Lady Tamara Grosvenor and Lady Viola Grosvenor Credit: Samir Hussein 11:52AM

Duke travels in style in green Land Rover Defender The Duke of Westminster chose to arrive at the church in a dark green Land Rover Defender, climbing out of the car to loud cheers from the waiting crowds.

The groom and his three best men travelled in style and now await the arrival of the bride in a vintage Bentley.

Hugh Grosvenor travelling with his three best men, all understood to be long-standing friends of his Credit: OLI SCARFF 11:48AM

Watch: Moment of groom’s arrival at Chester Cathedral 11:45AM

Boho florals and plaform sandals make up style trends among guests So far the big wedding guest style trends for the society attendees include boho florals, platform sandals (great for dancing at this evening’s reception at Eaton Hall) and shades of blue.

Look through our gallery to see the most stylish looks so far…

Several guests in high spirits as they arrive at Chester Cathedral Credit: Stephen Lock 11:44AM

Groom waves at crowd with best men in tow The Duke of Westminster waved at the crowd with his best men following as he greeted the Very Revd Dr Tim Stratford, who will marry the couple today.

The Duke smiles and waves at the crowd Credit: Peter Byrne The Very Revd Dr Tim Stratford will marry the Duke and his fiance in Friday’s ceremony Credit: Karwai Tang 11:36AM

Godfather to Princess Charlotte sighted at church Thomas Van Straubenzee, a friend of Prince William and godfather to Princess Charlotte, arrived with his wife Lucy, who taught Prince George and Princess Charlotte at their old school Thomas’s Battersea.

She looked elegant in a navy boater hat and pie-crust collar teal dress.

Thomas Van Straubenzee, a friend of Prince William and godfather to Princess Charlotte, arriving with his wife Credit: JAMES WHATLING 11:19AM

Loud cheers as Duke of Westminster arrives at Chester Cathedral There were loud cheers from the crowds as the groom, the 7th Duke of Westminster, arrived at Chester Cathedral in a dark green Land Rover Defender.

Hugh Grosvenor arrived with his three best men in tow, who are understood to be long-standing friends.

Two of them are understood to be school friends from Chester.

The Duke pictured with his best men in front of the church Credit: Jamie Lorriman Hugh Grosvenor, the 7th Duke of Westminster, stands outside the church Credit: Samir Hussein 11:08AM

Three coaches full of guests arrive at church Bus loads of wedding guests are beginning to arrive at Chester Cathedral ahead of the 12pm ceremony.

So far, three coaches have arrived as well as two Mercedes vans, one of which was carrying Prince William and the groom’s ushers.

Crowds gathered in festive dress outside of Chester Cathedral for the occasion Credit: Jamie Lorriman for The Telegraph 11:05AM

Princess Eugenie arrives at church with Vogue editor Princess Eugenie has arrived at Chester Cathedral wearing a green dress and fascinator, walking alongside Violet Henderson-Vestey, an author and former editor at Vogue.

The Princess wears a sleek olive green dress and elegant veiled cream hat, with Ms Henderson-Vestey in a black and cream tweed Chanel-like suit.

Princess Eugenie arrives at the church following the arrival of Prince William Credit: OLI SCARFF Princess Eugenie and Violet Henderson-Vestey outside the church Credit: JAMES WHATLING 10:32AM

Prince William arrives at Chester Cathedral The Prince of Wales has arrived at Chester Cathedral ahead of the wedding ceremony at midday.

He disembarked a blacked-out Mercedes van with 10 other ushers just after 10:30am.

There were cheers from the gathered crowd once they realised it was the Prince of Wales, but there was no crowd greetings and he was quickly inside.

The Prince is acting as an usher for the Duke of Westminster, while Prince Harry keeps his distance Credit: KARWAI TANG Prince William entered the church quietly through a side entrance Credit: Stephen Lock 10:22AM

Excitement builds amid rumours of Prince William’s arrival Excitement is building here as rumours swirl that Prince William may soon be arriving.

Perched on a camping chair carefully placed on a monument opposite the entrance, Eileen Turner, 70, said she was eager to catch a glimpse of the Prince.

“We are really excited – it will be lovely hopefully,” she said.

“The winds a bit cold but you can’t have everything. It’s no raining!”

She added: “I wasn’t expecting to see Prince William but it would be very nice if we could.

“It’s brilliant for Chester.”

A green arch over the doors of Chester Cathedral with foliage taken from the Duke’s estate Credit: DIANNE BOURNE 10:05AM

Hundreds gather in excitement to glimpse Duke and Prince William Hundreds of people eager to catch a glimpse of the Duke and soon-to-be Duchess have begun gathering outside Chester Cathedral.

Bunting and camping chairs line the street as excited onlookers chat together and speculate about who may arrive.

They include friends Catharine Smith, 66, and Pat Taylor, 67, who said they were excited to see the Duke of Westminster and Prince William.

Ms Smith said: “The whole family have always been very decent people.

“When my dad was young boy.. the [now] Duke’s grandfather used to let the local men peddle in to the Eaton estate so they cut off half their journey.

“We’re excited to see the Duke and Prince William. It would have been good if [King] Charles could come.”


Some 400 guests expected at wedding There are expected to be around 400 guests inside of Chester Cathedral for the wedding ceremony, including the Prince of Wales, who is to act as one of the Duke of Westminster’s ushers.

While the Prince has a leading role, the Princess of Wales will not attend the service as she continues treatment for cancer, along with the King (the Duke’s godfather) and Queen, having attended D-Day anniversary commemorations in France on Thursday.

However, other guests will include Princess Eugenie, Countess Lichfield as well as the couple’s school friends from university, Marlborough College and the Dragon School in Oxfordshire, which Olivia attended.

Following the service, there will be a private reception at Eaton Hall.


Why has Prince Harry decided to avoid the wedding? One notable absence when the Duke of Westminster marries his fiancée Olivia Henson on Friday will be the Duke of Sussex.

Both Prince Harry and Prince William are among the Duke’s closest and oldest friends.

The groom finds himself in the unusual position of being godfather to Prince Archie, five, as well as Prince George, 10, and is one of very few who has maintained links with both of their warring fathers.

However, all involved were acutely aware of the problems that could arise with the attendance of both brothers.

Prince Harry and the Duke, Hugh Grosvenor, chatted it through on the phone and agreed that it might be best if Harry stayed away.

Prince William is to be one of the young Duke’s ushers.

Read more about the “understanding between two friends” here.


Pictured: People gather in Chester ahead of ceremony Crowds are understood to be already gathering in Chester ahead of the 12pm ceremony and waiting by the church in festive attire.

The first people begin to gather by Chester Cathedral Credit: JAMES WHATLING 9:20AM

Duke and soon-to-be Duchess “hugely grateful” for messages of support The Duke and his soon-to-be Duchess have said “it means a lot to them to marry in Chester Cathedral” because of the Grosvenor family’s long and close personal connection to the cathedral and city.

The cathedral has hosted multiple weddings in the family already, including the nuptials of the Duke’s sister, Lady Tamara Grosvenor, to Edward van Cutsem in 2004.

It was also used for a memorial service held for the late Duke of Westminster, Gerald Grosvenor, who died of a heart attack aged 64 in 2016.

The couple’s spokesperson said that they have been moved by the messages of support they have received ahead of their wedding and that they are “hugely grateful that people want to share in their happiness”.

Speaking ahead of the wedding, a spokesman for the pair added: “The Duke and Miss Henson have taken a great deal of care in planning the wedding, putting their own personal stamp on all the arrangements and have made a conscious effort to involve local and regional suppliers in several aspects of the day.”


Why did the couple choose Chester Cathedral? The Duke of Westminster has several family ties with Chester Cathedral, only a stones throw away from his family’s 11,000 acre Eaton Hall in Cheshire.

The oldest document in the Grosvenor Archives is a grant of land to the Abbey of St Werburgh (the site of Chester Cathedral) dated between 1135 and 1154.

Gerald Grosvenor, the 6th Duke of Westminster and the current Duke’s father, gifted the “Westminster Window” inside the Cathedral in 1992, designed by Alan Younger to commemorate the 900th anniversary of the church.

There have been several family occasions at the church with the Duke’s sister getting married at Chester Cathedral in 2004 and a memorial service for his late father held there in 2016.


Flowers and foliage sourced from grounds of Duke’s estate The couple have used sustainable company Flower and Press for their wedding florals, making sure that all the flowers are 100 per cent British, seasonal and local.

Much of the foliage for the wedding has been sourced from the grounds of the Duke’s nearby 11,000-acre Eaton Hall estate, where they are hosting their wedding reception later on Friday.

The flowers include rambling roses, philadelphus, campanula and orlaya grandiflora, while birch trees will line the inside of Chester Cathedral.

All the flowers used will be repurposed after the wedding, in line with the couple’s sustainability championing.

They will be made into bouquets and delivered to local charities, churches and organisations in Chester, including those with which the Duke’s family have a close connection.


Now the Duke of Westminster is off the market – who are the UK’s other eligible bachelors? For the last eight years, the country’s most eligible bachelor – at least for those interested in old money, big property and even bigger landholdings – has been Hugh Grosvenor, 7th Duke of Westminster.

Of course, eligibility is subjective: plenty of women quite reasonably wouldn’t want the hassle of a big stately home or a famous London estate to look after, what with all those public events to attend. It really isn’t for everyone.

From Earl Percy to the Marquess of Tavistock, find out who is on the market now that the Duke of Westminster is set to be married.

Read the full list from Eleanor Doughty here.


Olivia Henson to travel to Chester Cathedral in vintage Bentley Details of the Duke of Westminster’s wedding to Olivia Henson have been announced this morning, including that the bride will travel to Chester Cathedral in a vintage Bentley.

Ahead of the 12pm ceremony, the soon-to-be Duchess will travel with her father Rupert in the vintage car, provided by the Heritage Collection of Bentley Motors in nearby Crewe.

The car was originally made for the founder of Bentley Motors, W.O. Bentley, in 1930.

Details about the brides dress are being kept under wraps until closer to the time.

Olivia Henson will arrive at her wedding in a vintage Bentley, provided by the Heritage Collection of Bentley Motors Credit: BENTLEY 8:01AM

Princess Eugenie spotted at Grosvenor hotel ahead of wedding Princess Eugenie enjoyed an evening of pre-wedding drinks with guests of the Duke of Westminster at the Grosvenor hotel on Thursday evening.

The day before the wedding, the Princess was seen drinking with other wedding guests and left the venue around midnight.

Princess Eugenie’s attendance at today’s festivities had not been previously confirmed, though her sighting in Chester makes it likely she will observe the ceremony at Chester Cathedral at midday


Who is Olivia Henson, the Duchess-to-be? Olivia Henson, the soon-to-be wife of Hugh Grosvenor, the seventh Duke of Westminster, is the bride at the society wedding of the decade, reports India McTaggart.

The 31-year-old grew up between London and Oxfordshire and was introduced to the Duke through mutual friends in 2021.

Her schooling is littered with royal links, having attended Marlborough College, the Princess of Wales’ alma mater, at the same time as Princess Eugenie.

The couple dated for two years before he proposed on his family’s 11,000-acre estate, Eaton Hall.

The Duke of Westminster and Olivia Henson speak to staff during a charity visit in Chester Credit: Grosvenor 2024 7:42AM

Who is Hugh Grosvenor, the Duke of Westminster? It has been billed as the most royal, non-royal wedding of the year, reports India McTaggart.

Hugh Grosvenor, the seventh Duke of Westminster, was once referred to as “Britain’s most eligible bachelor” thanks to his close links to the Royal family and his title as one of the country’s richest men.

He inherited his title from his father Gerald in 2016, as well as the control of a fortune worth an estimated £10 billion that includes a sprawling global property empire, countless business investments and an enviable art portfolio.

The Duke’s is a future that encompasses being chairman of both the Grosvenor Trustees and the Westminster Foundation, the latter of which represents the charitable interests of the family and Grosvenor businesses.

Read more about the Duke’s upbringing and Royal roots here.


Good morning Welcome to The Telegraph’s live coverage of the Duke of Westminster’s wedding to fiance Olivia Henson, which is set to take place at Chester Cathedral at midday.

Follow along for all the latest updates and read more about the society wedding of the year here and here.