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The Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race 2024: What Time Does It Start Today And On What TV Channel?

Today’s Boat Race will be the 169th time that Oxford and Cambridge’s men have raced against each other and the 78th time the women’s crews have done so.

The course is the usual 4.2-mile affair from Putney to Mortlake, commonly referred to as the Championship Course. There is a coin toss before the race, to determine which team gets to pick their station: either Middlesex or Surrey.

Approximately 250,000 people will line the banks of the Thames to watch today’s race, with many more following on television.

In the build-up to this year’s event Oxford claim they are at a disadvantage because their training plans have been disrupted by flooding, and the water in the Thames has been declared too dangerous to risk throwing winning coxes into.

What date is the 2024 Boat Race?This year’s racing is today, Saturday March 30.

The date of the boat race changes every year dependent on tides, university calendars and major London events. The March 30 date is inauspicious: on that day in 1912 both boats sank and the race had to be re-run the following week. On another March 30 race, in 2002, Oxford achieved a clean sweep.

What time does the race start?The main events for Saturday are as follows:

12.40pm – Women’s Boat Race coin toss1.15pm – Men’s Boat Race coin toss2.46pm – Women’s Boat Race3.01pm – Osiris v Blondie Boat Race (women’s reserve crews)3.16pm – Isis v Goldie Boat Race (men’s reserve crews)3.46pm – Men’s Boat RaceWhat TV channel is the Boat Race on?BBC One will carry live coverage, starting at 2pm, which is also available to stream online on the BBC website. Coverage is broadcast in about 200 countries worldwide.

What are the crews for the 2024 Boat Race?Oxford WomenSarah Marshall (bow)

Ella Stadler (President)

Tessa Haining

Claire Aitken

Julia Lindsay

Annie Sharp

Lucy Edmunds

Annie Anezakis (stroke)

Joe Gellett (cox)

Coach: Allan French

Cambridge WomenGemma King (bow)

Jo Matthews

Clare Hole

Jenna Armstrong (President)

Carina Graf

Carys Earl

Iris Powell

Megan Lee (stroke)

Hannah Murphy (cox)

Coach: Paddy Ryan

Oxford MenSaxon Stacey (bow)

Harry Glenister

Jelmer Bennema

James Doran

Elias Kun

Frederick Roper

Leonard Jenkins

Elliot Kemp (stroke)

William Denegri (cox)

Coach: Sean Bowden

Cambridge MenSebastien Benzecry (bow, President)

Noam Mouelle

Thomas Marsh

Augustus John

Kenneth Coplan

Thomas Lynch

Luca Ferraro

Matt Edge (stroke)

Ed Bracey (cox

Coach: Rob Baker

Who won the Boat Race in 2023?Cambridge took a clean sweep last year, winning each of the four races (men’s, women’s, men’s reserves and women’s reserves). It was only the fourth time that one university has won all four races in the half-century that the four races have been staged.

In the history of the men’s Boat Race, Cambridge lead Oxford by 86 wins to 81. There was a dead heat in 1877. Cambridge are even more dominant in the history of the women’s race, with 47 victories to Oxford’s 30.

What is the latest Boat Race news?In the build-up to today’s race, the water in the Thames has been declared too dangerous to swim in, owing to high levels of E. coli. As a result, crews have been warned against throwing the winning coxes into the river.

This year’s race will put twin sisters against each other, although not in the same race. Catherine and Gemma King raced alongside each other for Cambridge until Catherine moved to Oxford University in order to study for her PhD. Gemma will be in the No 1 Cambridge boat while Catherine, who is returning from injury, will be in the No 2 boat for Oxford. Read more on this story in Jim White’s joint interview with the sisters.